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Today, a website address is almost as common as a telephone number and can be very beneficial to gain moew exposure for your business. While a good search engine representation is important to the success of your website, it is extremely important that you get your web address as visible as possible offline as well. Here are some tips and ideas of where to place your URL.

Everywhere you have your company name, your URL should be right there as well, without any exception. That includes ALL print media - business cards, letterheads and envelopes, brochures, postcards, newspapers and magazine ads, outdoor advertising such as company vehicles and billboards, and even telephone pole ads. Don’t forget audio as well - state your URL on your answering machine so people can look up your site if they cannot reach you by phone, and if you have a radio or even television commercial, it's a must to include it there also.

Include your URL if you give away promotional items such as T-shirts, key chains, coffee mugs, etc. How about signage such as vinyl banners, a sign on your front door and point of purchase materials. Don’t forget ‘paperwork’ type items such as sales receipts, register tape, proposals and contracts, and invoices and statements.

If you write articles or whenever you send press releases, your URL should certainly be mentioned. Books, training manuals, instruction sheets, parts/product lists are also great places for your URL.

Keep in mind that people may not think of looking up your website until they are presented with your web address. SO once again, everywhere you have your company name, your URL should be right there as well, without any exception.

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