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Site Design Specialist
P/T Internship Position


Assisting in the Production Department of a small fast-paced web management firm, responsibilities will center on the design and maintenance of websites for existing clients, producing new sites as directed, and building/maintaining our own corporate websites. The selected candidate will receive service orders based on a schedule and complete the technical work required. This position requires a strong and thorough knowledge of the internet, strong understanding of web design principles and proper site structure with the ability to combine functional graphic design with technical skills.


  • Develops source code behind each web page utilizing web authoring tools (also must be able to hand-code)
  • Integrates graphics, text, audio, video and animations within the required programs to web pages
  • Verifies content and formatting across all browsers and platforms
  • Responsible for backing up client web files to disc
  • Keeps current with newest browser versions and web technologies
  • Keeps system hardware/software upgraded
  • Works closely with management to implement technical aspects of web pages


  • 2 years experience in developing well-structured websites
  • Must be skilled in HTML (with tables, frames and forms), CSS, SSI and PDF document creation
  • Excellent knowledge of the internet including FTP, web browser compatibility, e-mail
  • Proficient in using professional web authoring programs (Dreamweaver, Front Page, Photoshop, etc.)
  • Familiar with Microsoft Office applications
  • Ability to work as part of a project team as well as independently
  • Must be organized, detail-oriented, accurate and be able to meet deadlines
  • Must be self-disciplined and manage time effectively
  • Experience with PHP, MySQL, ASP, CFM and java preferred, but not required
  • Experience with e-commerce a plus


This is an entry-level, non-paid internship position. Candidate must fulfill requirement as mandated by the college. Our company will work with the college in cooperation with the educational format and course requirements. All hours are flexible and must be completed on-site in our office. Successful completion of Internship may lead to a permanent job offer.

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